I was inspired, as a young boy growing up in Rio de Janeiro, by my mother, my aunt and uncle, and by my pediatrician. They taught me how important it is to care for one another. They inspire my work today as a Mental Health Clinician and Trilingual Medical Interpreter working at Boston Medical Center and at Cape Cod Healthcare, and in my volunteer work.

Two years ago, because I saw that so many were in need, right here in Hyannis, I became the founding president of Health Ministries. As a group of volunteers, we worked together to connect our diverse, immigrant community with health, wellness and legal services. Our doors are open to anyone in need from across the Cape and Islands.

For too long, too many voices have not been heard. Our current State Representative appears to hear a very narrow portion of the voices in our community. 

This campaign is about inclusion, about lifting up the diverse voices from across our district. I am ready and willing to listen, learn and lead - to help build a brighter future for all! This is big work and it requires us to work together to leave no one out. I believe we can, we must, we will build a brighter future for all.


We can:

  • Support local businesses, and
  • Expand our educational services, especially in the age of COVID

We can:

  • Honor and expand Women’s Rights, and 
  • Support our Seniors

We can:

  • Address homelessness and
  • Meet mental health challenges; these often go hand in hand

We can:

  • Provide quality, affordable healthcare for all, and
  • Support those struggling with addiction, caught in the Opioid Crisis

We can:

  • Protect our blue and green environment and 
  • Expand our transportation system

We can:

  • Recognize and Include our diverse immigrant community and 
  • our LGBTQIA+ community

We must: 

  • End Police Violence in America

We will:

  • Work to lift up all voices for a brighter future for all.


I support and encourage your support for:


The Roe Act – Because no young person should have to delay care through the court system in order to seek reproductive health care. (Senate Bill #1209/House Bill #3320). An Act removing obstacles and expanding access to women's reproductive health.


Safe Communities Act – Because it’s time to end the involvement of state and local law enforcement in deportations and protect basic rights for all. (S.1401/H.3573) An Act to protect the civil rights and safety of all Massachusetts residents.


Work & Family Mobility Act – Because allowing Massachusetts residents to apply for driver's licenses regardless of their immigration status is common sense public policy that benefits us all.  (H.3012/S.2061) An Act relative to work and family mobility.


Massachusetts Black and Latino Legislative Caucus Ten Point Plan – Because we should each join in these “concrete and actionable steps that can be taken to combat systemic racism, police brutality, and various forms of injustice.”